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About Me

for websiteHi there, I’m Kush Sharma. I’m a digital photography mentor, based out of Pune, India.

I’m the author of Photography for Beginners (E-book with Videos): The Easiest Way to Learn DSLR Photography from the Comfort of Your Home.

My interest in photography developed when while on a vacation, using a very basic camera and functioning on absolutely no knowledge of photography whatsoever,  I was able to create photographs that I had envisaged.

That gave me the confidence to pursue this art a bit more seriously, and the fact that it offered the right balance between creativity and logic, was very appealing to me.

I’ve started Creative Pad Photography to cater to two types of people – Those who want to learn photography, and those who want to utilize my photography services.



Photography for Beginners (E-book with Videos): The Easiest Way to Learn DSLR Photography From the Comfort of Your Home is an e-book that teaches you the art of photography even if you’ve never used a DSLR camera before.

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My Work



Using a Polarizing Filter to Cut Out Bad Looking Reflections

I want you to look at the shot below that I took sometime back: Now I want you to observe one thing about this shot. If you look at the water in the bottom part of the shot, you'll notice that the rocks underneath the water are visible. This…

The SECRET to Being a Great Photographer

Do you know the one thing that differentiates great photographers from bad photographers? It's not the knowledge of manual mode. It's not a better camera. It's not a better lens. It's not knowing all the rules of composition. It's…

Shooting in RAW vs JPEG: Which Format to Shoot in?

Today's tip of the day talks about the need to make sure you are shooting your images in the right format. A lot of people don't pay attention to the format that is set on their cameras and usually end up getting poor looking images. There…

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