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1. About Me

Hi there. I’m Kush Sharma. I’m a photography mentor based out of Pune, India.

I run an organisation called Creative Pad Photography, which revolves around conducting photography workshops for beginners in the city of Pune.

Since the workshops restricted me only to Pune, I wanted to come out with a solution that could reach anyone who wanted to learn the art of photography, no matter where they live.

The result is this video e-book which consists of everything that you need to know about learning the basics of DSLR photography.

When I started out learning photography, I quickly found myself, like many others, in a myriad of opinions and lessons on different mediums like videos on YouTube, free and paid e-books, blog articles, etc.

What bothered me was that most of these ‘lessons’ somehow assumed that people already had the most basic knowledge about how a DSLR camera functions. The most basic functions like Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO (if you’re hearing these terms for the first time, you’ve found the right book) were explained in haste and unconvincingly, with the emphasis being only on the more technical aspects of photography.

While that may have been alright for some aspiring photographers who had already got themselves acquainted with these terms, it certainly did not make for a good impression on a complete beginner like me.

That experience motivated me to come out with a book that explains the basics in a way that even a person who hasn’t ever held a camera can grasp the concepts quickly.

I remember when I started out learning I just had one thing in mind, and that was to learn, first the basics and then the advanced stuff, as quickly as I could. And that is exactly the aim of this video e-book – to help you get started with the beautiful art of Digital Photography in a very short time.

I hope you have a great time reading, watching and learning from this book and that you get started clicking in no time. Good luck!

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