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2. How This Video E-book Works

Just like in my workshops, I have kept the approach here very simple. I have avoided technical jargon and boring theory. I have placed emphasis only on the essentials.

A DSLR is a device that can look quite menacing and overwhelming at first, but as you’ll see in this course, once you pay attention only to the essentials, it’s rather easy and fun to use.

To keep this course fun and exciting, I have avoided explaining the science behind camera and light. In my opinion, all that boring stuff is really not required to become a good photographer.

So our focus will only be on things that actually make a difference to the shot you want to take, because ultimately, it’s all about taking beautiful photographs isn’t it?

So how it will all work in this course is very simple and convenient – I will teach you various settings and how they make an impact on a shot. Then you will follow the exercises in the book and learn how to use those settings and take the shot yourself, so you can see its effect. So everything in this book is based on a hands-on training approach.

This way, it all becomes practical and fun.

All of the settings or functions that I explain are always accompanied with videos and examples of photographs that I’ve clicked.

Every important explanation consists of video demonstrations as well text descriptions, so you can follow whichever you prefer. Though it’s highly recommended that you do watch the videos as it helps in better learning.

There are different sets of videos for Nikon and Canon users so you can watch the one according to the camera that you possess. In case you have a camera that is of a different brand (like Sony, Pentax, etc.), we suggest you follow the Canon set of videos, though it doesn’t make that much of a difference to be honest.

Also, links to the essential equipment, accessories and software are provided so you don’t have to waste time in performing any type of research before buying something.

I request you not to skip anything. Everything in this video e-book follows a sequence and provided you follow it, you’ll be surprised to see how easy things are for you.

Let’s get started with some introductory sessions to warm you up before we move on to the real deal, which is learning how to shoot in the manual mode.

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