Tip of the Day: Taking Many Shots

Taking many shots where you felt one would suffice is the key to avoiding disappointment when you actually open up the shots on your laptop.

The LCD review system will only help you so much because you’re seeing a miniature version of the shot, which makes it difficult to notice the fallacies. Zooming in and checking the sharpness is a must when you review shots on the camera.

But despite that, blowing up the shots on a computer screen is where you’ll start to notice all the details.

Apart from the point above, one of the best reasons to take more shots is that most of the times, one of the extra shots that you take will result in a much better shot than the one you intended to take.

This is especially true when it comes to shooting living things, like in portrais or wildlife. There are just so many variables that taking more number of shots simply increases the probablitly of getting the one in which everything came together.

For instance, when shooting a portrait, you may think you have nailed everything in a shot – the pose, the lighting, the composition, but when you blew it up on your computer, you found the focus on the eye to be soft. That’s all the effort gone out of the window.

There is no fixed number as to how many shots you should take. Just remember it should not be too few to tilt on the wrong side of the probablitly line and not so many that you end up tearing your hair out deciding which ones to keep and edit.

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