Using a Polarizing Filter to Cut Out Bad Looking Reflections

I want you to look at the shot below that I took sometime back:


Now I want you to observe one thing about this shot. If you look at the water in the bottom part of the shot, you’ll notice that the rocks underneath the water are visible.

This would not happen if you don’t use one important accessory – a polarizing filter.

A polarizing filter helps you eliminate all sorts of relfections. For instance, if I was not using a a polarizing filter here, you would just see the surface of the water with all the relfections, just like we are used to seeing with our eyes. But that would not look good. Beeing able to see those rocks underneath make this shot stand out.

But that’s not all. Using a polarizing filter has a lot of other benefits. Click on the link below to read a detailed article below:

Why You MUST Have a Polarizer

Also, if you are planning on buying a polarizing filter, then I’d recommend you go for the following filter set on Amazon:

Hoya Filter Kit

Not only will you get the polarizer, but you’ll also get an ND filter and a UV filter.

I hope this tip helped you.