Utilizing the Internet to Market Yourself as a Professional Photographer

With the advent of internet, especially social media, the photography world has really gone to another level.

The moment someone buys a DSLR, you are sooner or later, bound to see their Facebook page come up.

The trouble is that the photographer soon enough loses the enthusiasm and the initial surge of energy and that page fades away as quickly as it arrived.

Websites suffer similar fate.

What goes wrong here?

Well it’s a basic principle you have to understand.

The easier something is to create, the more the number of people who will create it.

Facebook pages and websites fall under that category.

The result is that the competition to stand out is so fierce that only the most well connected or outstandingly good photographers stand the test of the social media time.

So does that mean that average/above average/good photographers should simply give up?

The answer is NO.

What they should do instead is LEARN how internet marketing actually works.

Internet and social media marketing isn’t simply about creating a page or website and then posting your photos.

As mentioned earlier, if it was that easy, everyone would turn professional or become famous within a matter of time.

To get ahead of the queue, you have the understand the whole internet marketing system.

It’s no different from learning another skill, just like photography itself.

Great and renowned photographers are of two types:

  • Those who are outstandingly good and are well connected.
  • Those who are good at photography and marketing both.

If you belong to the first category, congratulations!

But the truth is that the average person won’t.

The average person will either have to wait for a LONG time to get outstandingly good or learn marketing tactics to push themselves forward.

To explain the whole internet marketing system in one article is impossible.

Instead, I have created a FREE video course that you can get access to using the link below:


Even though this course is designed for any type of business, you can easily apply the principles to a photography business too.

The main thing will that you will start to understand how the whole system works and you’ll know exactly how to market yourself on the internet efficiently and hence avoid the usual pitfalls.

I hope this course will help you.