Which is The Best and Cheapest Camera Bag in the Market? Here’s the Answer

One of the most common questions I get from my students is related to purchasing the right camera bag.
In this e-mail, I will share with you what I feel is the best camera bag that is extremely affordable too.
A good camera bag should have the following features:
  • Large enough to accommodate at least two DSLR cameras, chargers and at least 3 medium sized lenses.
  • It should have dedicated space to accommodate a laptop since a photographer always needs a laptop to fine tune images. Carrying a separate bag for laptop is always inconvenient.
  • Should be strong enough to handle all the weight without getting damaged.
  • Should have straps on one side dedicated to holding a tripod.
  • Should have a third pocket/space for keeping anything extra. This is where you can fit in all the filters, cords, remotes, etc.
Usually if you want a bag with all these features, the cost can sky rocket. But there is one exception in the market right now, which is the following bag:
Can you believe that it costs less than Rs.3000.
I bought this bag in March, 2017 and it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
As a photographer, I can assure you that you will never regret buying it.
I hope you liked this suggestion.
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  1. Niranjan Sharma
    Niranjan Sharma says:

    Yes you are right Kush it’s really a great DSLR bag, i also searched many bags and found this one the best among all and good thing was it was under my budget. I bought this one in July 2017 and still using this happily.

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