In case you are unable to attend our group workshops, you can learn DSLR photography by taking a one-on-one personal session with our trainer Kush Sharma.

Session Duration? 90 minutes

How many sessions does it take to learn the basics? Around 2-3

Where do the sessions take place? Cafe Peter Donuts, Aundh, Pune.

Can the session be arranged during evening after office hours? Yes, of course.

Will I be added to your private member community just like the people who attend group workshops? Yes, you will be.

What is the cost of one session? One session of 90 minutes will cost you Rs.1200. If you take 2-3 sessions, it will end up costing you around Rs.3000, which is also the price for our group workshops. So you don’t end up spending more and unlike the group workshops, you get personal attention from our trainer.

Can the session be arranged during weekdays also? Yes, of course.

How to book your session?: Call 9823783749