Photography for Beginners (E-book With Videos): The Easiest Way to Learn DSLR Photography from the Comfort of Your Home

Kush Sharma

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  1. About Me
  2. How This Video E-book Works
  3. Introduction and Warm-Up to DSLR Photography
  4. Taking Your First Shot
  5. Learning How to Shoot in the Manual Mode
  6. Aperture
  7. Shutter Speed
  8. ISO
  9. How Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and Light Work Together
  10. The Tripod and Its Usage
  11. Soft Image Problems
  12. Colour Balance and Monochrome Filter
  13. Using Auto-ISO to Make Life Easier
  14. Rules and Principles of Composition
  15. Landscape Photography
  16. Portrait Photography
  17. Food Photography
  18. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography
  19. Long Exposure Photography and Night Photography
  20. Trick Photography
  21. Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners: Basics of Photoshop for Photographers

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