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In this part, we’ll learn the basics of editing and post-processing using Photoshop, one of the most popular tools to edit your shots.

Let’s get started.

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21. Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners: Basics of Photoshop for Photographers

Part 1: Camera Raw Filter

Part 2: Using Basic Selections

Part 3: Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool

Part 4: Using the Patch Tool

Part 5: Using the Content-Aware Tool

Part 6: Using the Clone Stamp Tool

Part 7: Using the Hue/Saturation Adjustment Tool

Part 8: Using the Selective Color Adjustment Tool

Part 9: Using the Exposure, Vibrance and Photo Filter Adjustment Tools

Part 10: The Technique of Layer Masking

Part 11: Using the Gaussian Blur Filter

Part 12: Using the Smart Sharpen Tool

Part 13: Using the Adaptive Wide Angle Filter

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