Thank You for Confirming. We’ve sent you your first lesson via e-mail. Please note that sometimes it can take 1-2 minutes for it to arrive in your inbox.

Also, we have got two FREE BONUSES for you.

1st Bonus

The first is that you can join our private Facebook group, where you can upload your shots and learn from others. 

Before we tell you how to join this group, please go through the following rules that you need to follow in this group:

1. You can post only one shot per day. Posting multiple shots is not allowed.
2. Post the following settings of your shot: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Focal length. You can see these settings by right clicking on your image and then clicking on Properties and then Details tab.
3. No sales/promotions in the group.

Please note that not following these rules results in an immediate ban.

Here is the process to join this group:

  1. Click on the following link
  2. Click on JOIN. It will ask you for a password. The password is CreativePad123456.


2nd Bonus

I’ve got an amazing resource that I want to share with you.
It’s called CreativeLive, a website that is dedicated to helping photographers and artists by providing extremely high quality online video lessons on all topics.
While many of their lessons are paid, some are free too. While the paid ones are absolutely worth the money, the free ones allow you to learn a lot too.
They cover all sorts of topics like Portraits, Landscape, Photoshop and Lightroom Editing, Basics of Photography, Advanced Courses, etc.
You just need to create an account with them, which is completely free and takes less than 15 seconds. You can check out their upcoming free classes by using the link below. Just click on the link below and then click on the RSVP button next to the class you would like to take: